Adventure into Mystery
Adventures into Terror
Adventures into the Unknown (American Comic Group)
Bizarre Adventures
Men's Adventures
All Winners Comics (I)
Amazing Adult Fantasy
71Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.19
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.2
The Silver Surfer (I) 3.2
Uncanny X-Men (I) 90.2
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.20
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.21
Frankenstein 12.2
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.22
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.3
Uncanny X-Men (I) 91.2
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.23
81Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.24
The Silver Surfer (I) 2.2
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.25
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.26
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.27
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.28
Marvel Tales Annual 2.4
91Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.29
Journey into Mystery (II) 10.1
Monster Menace 1.3
The Silver Surfer (I) 4.2
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.30
Astonishing Tales (I) 21.2
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.31
Creatures on the Loose 27.2
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.32
Uncanny X-Men (I) 86.2
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.33
Journey into Mystery (II) 12.2
101Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.34
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.5
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.35
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.36
Creatures on the Loose 28.2
Curse of the Weird 2.5
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.6
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.37
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.38
Uncanny X-Men (I) 87.2
111Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.39
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.40
Uncanny X-Men (I) 89.2
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.41
Supernatural Thrillers 9.2
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.42
Giant-Size Man-Thing 1.2
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.43
Monsters on the Prowl 16.2
121Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.44
Marvel Super-Heroes (II) 23.3
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.45
The Silver Surfer (I) 7.2
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.46
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.7
Uncanny Tales (UK) (Alan Class) 65.2
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.47
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.48
131Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.49
Marvel Visionaries (HC): Steve Ditko 1.9
The Silver Surfer (I) 6.2
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.50
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.51
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.52
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.53
141Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.54
2Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.55
3Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.56
4Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.57
5Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (HC) 1.58
151The Mighty World of Marvel Vol. 1 (UK) 1.3
Amazing Adventures (I)
Amazing Adventures (II)
Amazing Fantasy (II)
The Irredeemable Ant-Man
Balder the Brave
Astonishing Tales (I)
Avengers (I)
11Avengers Classic 1.1
Son of Origins of Marvel Comics (Fireside book by Simon and Schuster) 1.4
Book Son of Origins of Marvel Comics Revised Edition 1.5
Marvel Tales Annual 2.5
21Avengers Classic 2.1
Giant-Size Avengers (I) 3.2
Marvel Super-Heroes (I) 1.1
31Avengers Classic 3.1
The Incredible Hulk (Fireside book by Simon and Schuster) 1.5
Marvel Super-Heroes (II) 21.1
41Avengers Annual 3.1
Avengers Classic 4.1
Captain America (I) 400.4
Captain America The Secret Story of Marvel's Star-Spangled Super Hero 1.2
51Avengers Annual 4.1
Avengers Classic 5.1
61Avengers Annual 4.2
Avengers Classic 6.1
71Avengers Classic 7.1
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 3.2
81Avengers Annual 5.1
Avengers Classic 8.1
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 5.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 6.2
91Avengers Classic 9.1
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 7.2
101Avengers Classic 10.1
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 9.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 10.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 11.2
111Avengers Annual 5.2
Avengers Classic 11.1
121Avengers Classic 12.1
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 13.1
141Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 17.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 18.2
151Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 19.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 20.2
161Avengers (I) 150.2
181Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 27.2
191Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 28.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 29.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 30.2
201Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 31.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 32.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 33.3
211Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 35.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 36.2
221Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 37.3
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 38.2
231Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 39.4
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 40.4
241Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 41.2
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 42.4
Terrific (UK) (Odhams Press) 43.3
301Les Vengeurs (Canada) (Editions Héritage) 27.1
521Marvel Treasury Edition 7.1
531Avengers (I) 350.3
571Avengers TPB: Ultron Unleashed 1.1
Alliancen (Denmark) (Interpresse) 1.1
Marvel Treasury Edition 7.2
581Giant-Size Avengers (II) 1.6
Avengers TPB: Ultron Unleashed 1.2
Alliancen (Denmark) (Interpresse) 1.2
Marvel Treasury Edition 13.2
Uncanny Tales (UK) (Alan Class) 65.1
591Alliancen (Denmark) (Interpresse) 1.3
Amazing stories of suspense (UK) (Alan Class) 101.1
601Alliancen (Denmark) (Interpresse) 1.4
Marvel Treasury Edition 7.3
Amazing stories of suspense (UK) (Alan Class) 99.1
611Alliancen (Denmark) (Interpresse) 1.5
Essential Dr. Strange 2.11
621Jungle Action (II) 5.1
711Giant-Size Avengers/Invaders 1.1
Creepy Worlds (UK) (Alan Class) 123.1
831King-Size Hulk 1.6
Marvel Treasury Edition 7.4
Women of Marvel TPB 2.1
881Essential Hulk 3.25
Marvel Super-Heroes (II) 90.1
921De Wrekers Classics (Dutch) (Williams NL) 22.1
931The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 1.2
941The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 1.3
De Wrekers Classics (Dutch) (Williams NL) 24.1
2The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 1.4
De Wrekers Classics (Dutch) (Williams NL) 24.2
3The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 1.5
De Wrekers Classics (Dutch) (Williams NL) 24.3
951The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 2.1
961The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 2.2
De Wrekers Classics (Dutch) (Williams NL) 26.1
971The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers 2.3
981Avengers (III) 48.2
991Avengers (III) 48.3
1001Avengers (III) 48.4
Les Vengeurs (Canada) (Editions Héritage) 28.1
1011Avengers (III) 27.6
Les Vengeurs (Canada) (Editions Héritage) 29.1
1031Les Vengeurs (Canada) (Editions Héritage) 31.1
1131Les Vengeurs (Canada) (Editions Héritage) 41.1
1141Super Spider-Man and the Titans (UK) 223.6
1161Super Spider-Man and the Titans (UK) 227.5
1171Super Spider-Man and the Titans (UK) 230.2
1181Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain (UK) 234.4
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain (UK) 235.4
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain (UK) 236.4
1191Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain (UK) 238.4
1271Super Spider-Man (UK) 255.2
1281Super Spider-Man (UK) 257.2
Super Spider-Man (UK) 258.2
1291Super Spider-Man (UK) 259.3
1301Super Spider-Man (UK) 265.3
Super Spider-Man (UK) 266.3
1501Avengers (III) 27.2
2Avengers (III) 27.3
1511Avengers (III) 27.4
1701Avengers TPB: Ultron Unleashed 1.3
1711Avengers TPB: Ultron Unleashed 1.4
1821Il settimanale Dell'Uomo Ragno (Italy) (Editoriale Corno) 6.2
1991Marvel Super Heroes (UK) 394.2
2001Marvel Super Heroes (UK) 395.2
2011Marvel Super Heroes (UK) 397.2
2Giant-Size Avengers (II) 1.7
Marvel Super Heroes (UK) 397.3
2131Secret Invasion: Requiem 1.3
2211Women of Marvel TPB 1.1
2511Super Spider-Man and the Titans (UK) 227.4
3002Avengers Prime 1.2
3471Book Son of Origins of Marvel Comics Revised Edition 1.6
4011Onslaught TPB 3.2
4021Onslaught TPB 6.1
Avengers (I) cont.
Avengers Annual
Avengers: Deathtrap, the Vault (Graphic Novel)
Giant-Size Avengers (I)
The New Avengers (I)
Solo Avengers
Avengers Academy