Captain America Secret 
Captain America The Secret Story of Marvel's Star-Spangled Super Hero (1981)

This issue was published by Ideals Publishing Corp., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, On the backcover there are three more titels listed (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk).

11981 ?
Ti:The Red Skull supreme!10
Cr:W: Stan Lee - P/L: Jack Kirby - I/F: Frank Giacoia - L: Art Simek - C: [N.G.]
Pe:Captain America I
Nd:Nachdruck von Tales of Suspense (I) #81
Ti:Captain America joins... the Avengers!17
Cr:W: Stan Lee - P/L: Jack Kirby - I/F: George Roussos - L: Samuel Rosen, Art Simek - C: [N.G.]
Am:Story credits A.Simek for letters, Fantastic Firsts TPB credits S.Rosen; G. Roussous not credited but confirmed by Essential Avengers #1
Nd:Nachdruck von Avengers (I) #4
Ti:The living legend23
Cr:W: Roger Stern - P/L: John Byrne - I/F: Josef Rubinstein - L: Joe Rosen - C: Bob Sharen
Nd:Nachdruck von Captain America (I) #255
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Rough Cut (1998)
11998/09 $2,99
Am:Original script of Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #1 and pencil-only art
Mythos: Captain America (2008) (A)
 CoverPaolo Manuel Rivera1
Cr:W: Paul Jenkins - P/L: Paolo Manuel Rivera - I/F: Paolo Manuel Rivera - L: Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy - C: Paolo Manuel Rivera
Am:Based on Captain America Comics #1, March 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
NT:Captain America23
NH:Marvel Exklusiv #81