Red Circle Comics 
Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (Red Circle) (1975)

Title changend from Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (# 1- 5) into Sorcery

111975/02 ?
 CoverGray Morrow1
Ti:The visitor5
Cr:W: Pat Boyette - P/L: Pat Boyette - I/F: Pat Boyette
NT:Der Besucher5
NH:Marvel Comic Stars #13
Lancelot Strong: The SHIELD (Red Circle) (1983)
11983/06 ?
 CoverAlan Weiss, Severin2
Ti:The Deathstar Dilemma!19
Cr:W: Richard Buckler, Stan Timmons - P/L: Alan Weiss - I/F: Sam DeLaRosa - L: Victor Gorelick - C: Barry Grossman
Ti:Steel Sterling faces the Man Mountain of Musclemen: Humongous10
Cr:W: Richard Buckler, Stan Timmons - P/L: Adrian Gonzales - I/F: Rudy D. Nebres - L: Rod Ollerenshaw - C: Barry Grossman