Starlord Special Edition (1982)

The imprint give "Starlord, the Special Edition", cover gives "Star-Lord the Special Edition".

11982/02 $1,50
 CoverTerry Kevin Austin2
  FC by TA • BC by TA 
Ti:-6 (3-3)
Cr:W: Christopher Claremont - P/L: Michael Golden - I/F: Terry Kevin Austin - L: Joe Rosen - C: Glynis Oliver-Wein - Ed: James Salicrup - AsiEd: Lance Tooks - E-i-C: James Charles Shooter
Am:Framing sequence around reprint
Pe:Starlord, Star-Lord I
NT:Die falsche Krone?
NH:Die grossen Science Fiction Comics #2
Ti:- / Windhölme / Cinnibar / Sparta / The hollow crown51 (15-15-16-5)
Cr:W: John Byrne, Christopher Claremont - P/L: John Byrne - I/F: Terry Kevin Austin - L: Thomas Orzechowski - C: Glynis Oliver-Wein
Pe:Star-Lord I
Nd:Nachdruck von Marvel Preview #11
Cr:W: Steve Moore - P/L: Dave Gibbons - I/F: Dave Gibbons - L: [N.G.] - C: Edward Hannigan
Pe:Doctor Who
Nd:Nachdruck von Doctor Who #10