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Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man 6.1
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141Marvel Tales Annual 249.1
151Marvel Tales Annual 254.1
Marvel Treasury Edition 18.3
191Marvel Treasury Edition 22.2
201Marvel Treasury Edition 22.3
211Marvel Treasury Edition 22.1
Spider-Man Family (II) 5.4
271Marvel Treasury Edition 27.1
311Marvel Treasury Edition 18.4
381Marvel Tales Annual 239.1
451Essential Killraven 1.18
531Marvel Tales Annual 262.1
541Marvel Tales Annual 263.1
561Marvel Tales Annual 199.1
581Marvel Tales Annual 255.1
591Marvel Tales Annual 193.1
601Marvel Tales Annual 194.1
611Marvel Tales Annual 195.1
621Marvel Tales Annual 196.1
631Marvel Tales Annual 197.1
641Marvel Tales Annual 198.1
651Marvel Tales Annual 201.1
661Marvel Tales Annual 202.1
Astonishing Spider-Man (UK) (Panini UK) 24.3
671Marvel Tales Annual 203.1
Astonishing Spider-Man (UK) (Panini UK) 25.3
681Marvel Tales Annual 204.1
Astonishing Spider-Man (UK) (Panini UK) 26.2
691Marvel Tales Annual 205.1
701Marvel Tales Annual 206.1
751Marvel Tales Annual 207.1
791Marvel Tales Annual 208.1
891Marvel Tales Annual 242.1
901Marvel Tales Annual 240.1
911Marvel Tales Annual 256.1
1001Marvel Tales Annual 250.1
2Marvel Tales Annual 250.2
1081Marvel Tales Annual 231.1
1091Marvel Tales Annual 232.1
1171Marvel Tales Annual 243.1
1181Marvel Tales Annual 244.1
1241Marvel Tales Annual 241.1
1251Spider-Man Weekly (Marvel UK) 513.1
1261Spider-Man Weekly (Marvel UK) 522.2
Spider-Man Weekly (Marvel UK) 523.2
2Fantastic Four (UK) 20.2
1271Spider-Man Weekly (Marvel UK) 522.1
Spider-Man Weekly (Marvel UK) 523.1
1351Marvel Tales Annual 245.1
1491Marvel Tales Annual 246.1
1501Marvel Tales Annual 237.1
Marvel Tales Annual 238.1
Spider-Man and the Uncanny X-Men TPB 1.5
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