Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #5
Steve Rogers and Falcon fighting together1
Captain America and US soldiers running over a Nazi Death Camp2
Captain America and the Invaders (Bucky, Union Jack, Angel, Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner, Spitfire) fighting Baron Zemo and the Red Skull and their henchmen1
Sub-Mariner throwing Cap's frozen body at Inuit1
Captain America leading the Avengers (Thor, Hulk, Giant-Man, Quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Hawkeye) into battle2

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Fantastic Four (I) #116

In November 1971 the 10th Anniversary Fantastic Four (I) #1 was celebrated by publishing many magazines with about 50% more story pages.
From FantaCo Chronicles #3: "Back in 1971, when 32 page comics were selling for 15 cents, DC comics suddenly switched over to 48 pages for a quarter, filling out the balance of their books with reprint material. It took Marvel a few months to react, but with their books cover dated November 1971, they too switched over to the new size and did DC one better by printing all new 34 page stories." (Thanks to Dan Sanders for the quote.)
Barry Pearl adds to this: "The conversion to giant-size was a costly and unprofitable thing to do. Marvel let everyone know that this was the permanent way they were going. DC signed long terms contracts to produce 25 cent comics for a year and they lost a bundle. Goodman quickly reverted back to the smaller size BUT made his comics more profitable to the retailers. This hurt DC hugely. Boy, was DC angry at Marvel."
On the other hand, the price for the extra-sized issues was raised from ˘15 to ˘25. The next issue had the normal page size again, but a prize tag of ˘20, which caused Marvel some problems because of the Wage and Price Freeze during the Nixon administration.

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Fantastic Four Annual #25
Top ten villains of the Fantastic Four
  1. Puppet Master
  2. Mole Man
  3. Psycho Man
  4. the Frightful Four
  5. Molecule Man
  6. Annihilus
  7. the Mad Thinker
  8. the Skrulls
  9. Galactus
  10. Doctor Doom

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Fantastic Four: The Legend #1
"Who's Who in the FF?" listed characters are:

Namor the Sub-Mariner
Alicia Masters
Willie Lumpkin
Impossible Man
Uatu the Watcher
Aunt Petunia
Dr. Franklin Storm
Inhumans (Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnak, Crystal, Triton, Gorgon)
Silver Surfer
Wyatt Wingfoot
Bob and Carol Landers
Frankie Raye
T'Challa the Black Panther
Agatha Harkness
Herbie I
Kristoff Vernard
Julie Angel
Roberta the Receptionist
Nathaniel Richards
Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura)
Lyja the Skrull
Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

"The FF's Greatest Foes" listed characters are:

Dr. Doom
Mad Thinker's Android?
Dragon Man
Mad Thinker
Red Ghost and his Super Apes
Puppet Master

"Who's who among the FF's most fearsome foes" listed charcerts are:

The Mole Man
The Mad Thinker
The Molecule Man
Frightful Four
The Red Ghost
Aron the Rogue Watcher
Terrax the Tamer
Ronan the Accuser
The Puppet Master
Maximus the Mad

"The FF's lamest foes" listed charatcers are:

Tomazooma the Living Totem
The Monocle
Ternak of the Cold People

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Fantastic Four TPB: The Trial of Galactus #1

Detailed listing of the reprinted issues:
Instead of reprinting each listed issues the whole story is re-edited. Many things are cut and there are even some relocated pages. Some captions are rewritten and there's at least one new page as well. "The Trial of Galactus" is presented as a single story.

TPB page(s)Original issue page(s)Story name
1-31-3"Beginnings and Endings"
41"Terrax the Untamed"
5-175-17"Terrax the Untamed"
18-New art? (shows the Avengers reacting to the events, not from FF 242)
19-2318-22"Terrax the Untamed"
24-265-7"Shall Earth Endure?"
272"Shall Earth Endure?"
28-369-17"Shall Earth Endure?"
37-4019-22"Shall Earth Endure?"
41-526-17"Beginnings and Endings"
106-1215-20"When Titans Clash!"
122-1413-22"The Search for Reed Richards"
142-1631-22"The Trial of Reed Richards"

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